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Last updated June 2018

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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

Young Exhibitors’ Scheme

An Educational Programme designed to encourage Youth Participation in the Cat Fancy
Incorporating the YES! Kitten Club

Young Exhibitors’ Scheme

For young people between the ages of 8 to 16 where you can learn about the different breeds domestic cats, their colours and patterns.  Learn to present your own cat to a Judge and discover what goes on behind the scenes at GCCF shows.

With certificates and rosettes to mark your progress, this is an exciting introduction to a hobby which has fascinated people for decades.

YES! Kitten Club

This is the junior arm of YES!.  The Kitten Club is for children/young people under the age of 8 who are not yet eligible to join YES!

In the Kitten Club they are able to help out at shows earning gold stars and prizes, show their own cat/kitten (though not handle any other cat), complete our I-Spy sheets as well as having fun colouring in pictures, playing join the dots and completing puzzles depicting some of the most gorgeous cats around at the moment.

This is a virtually risk free way to introduce young people to the world of cat shows and this wonderful hobby.

Existing candidates please log in using the photos below

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Intermediate Level
Advanced Level

Full permission has been given for the use of these photographs,
both by the photographer and the children’s parent/guardians depicted in them

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