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Georgina is the Administration Lead for YES!.  She looks after Candidates living in the Southern half of the UK, and processes ALL new applications from potential candidates. 

Georgina is a Show Manager and GCCF steward, and with her husband breeds Egyptian Maus under the “Accio” prefix.  Georgina is one of the original pioneers & developers of YES! alongside Mel Porter and Anne Gregory.   At home she shares her life with several of her Maus, as well two budgies called Blake and Avon.  She lists her interests as reading, binge watching box sets and miniatures.

Email: Keeble76@btinternet.com


Lesley is the Administrator for YES! Kitten Club, a new initiative joining YES!  As well as the Deputy Safeguarding Officer for both programmes.

Lesley is a Show Manager and the Administrator for the Household Pet Section having pioneered the Mastercat qualifications for the Household & Pedigree Pets for many years. At home Lesley shares her life with an assortment of cats, her dog Jake, horses and her family, often minding her youngest two grandsons Charlie and Harry and her granddaughter Esme.

Email: Lesleys289@gmail.com


Lynda is the Liaison Officer between YES! and the GCCF Board/Executive Committee and Show Managers.

Lynda is a Senior GCCF Judge and show manager, as well as sitting on the GCCF Board of Directors. Lynda runs and manages both large Championship shows as well as a couple of smaller conglomerations for various specialist Breed Clubs. Lynda is also on the committee of several clubs in a variety of roles. A busy great grandmother, at home Lynda shares her life with a variety of cats and her two dogs.

Email: Lynda.ashmore@googlemail.com


Rosemary is the Regional Mentor for the SOUTH WEST.

Rosemary breeds and judges Persians and Exotics and is a member of the GCCF Board of Directors as well as serving on a number of committees


June is the Regional Mentor for NORTHERN IRELAND

June is a show manager in Northern Ireland and attends many shows, working on the table etc. in both the north and south of Ireland. She breeds and shows Burmese. June enjoys working with young people and is also involved with the Brownies.


Caroline is the Regional Mentor for SCOTLAND

Caroline breeds and shows British Shorthairs and stewards across the sections at shows.


Sandra is the Regional Mentor for the SOUTH EAST

Sandra is a GCCF judge, show manager and a member of the Board of Directors. She breeds and shows Burmese, Asians and Egyptian Maus.


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