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Many congratulations on reaching the Advanced Level of the YES! Programme.

Good news !! At Advanced Level you can work to achieve higher levels for your final certificate as there are three statuses:

PASS – this means you have achieved a “Pass” at advanced level.

MERIT – this means you have completed additional work of quality in order to achieve higher recognition at Advanced Level and have been awarded a  “Pass with Merit”.

DISTINCTION – this means you have completed your work to the highest standard and achieved a “Pass with Distinction”.  What a wonderful way that would be to complete your YES! work!


You need to gain as much information as possible by working with the YES! Mentors at shows. They will help you to find out about different breeds and give you advice about their care and handling. Our Mentors have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are out there ready to share it with you. If you are shy, ask your parent/guardian to introduce you to a Mentor in the section you are investigating. You can also contact your Administrator …. She is the Candidate Advisor there to help and support you every step of the way.

Please have your work and evidence checked by a mentor or your administrator  as you go along – this helps everyone to recognise your progress and  encourages you on your way. We can also sort out any problems or misunderstandings early on and help you make smooth progress.

It is a good idea to review your work and, if you think of ways you can improve it, then do that so you can maintain a high standard and gain a higher award at the end of your YES! Programme. Discuss your work with your parents/guardians, a Mentor or your Administrator/Adviser.

Remember - Once you are a teenager you will be able to join the Guild of GCCF Judges & Stewards at Junior Level – the annual subscription is only £1. You will then be able to apply to join the official GCCF Stewarding Scheme for a special rate of £25 which includes your initial year’s membership and you will receive everything you need for the scheme including the latest edition of the GCCF Standard of Points. Then, you can complete their stewarding and table work certificates in order to become a GCCF steward. You send those certificates to the Guild Secretary, but remember to keep copies for your Advanced Level Evidence as they are important for that too.

The YES! Team wish you every success at Advanced Level – remember we are there to help, advise and support you all along the way!

Evidence Sheets


It would be excellent if you could volunteer to be a “buddy” and talk to Novice Candidates if you see them at shows ….. give them help and advice about their worksheets and how to present their cats ….. ask if they have any questions or problems about the programme. You could also introduce them to Mentors across the sections who can help them with information about their breeds ….. your experience will be very valuable to our Novices – after all, you have been there and done that!


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