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Woo Hoo!!!!  Teenaged candidates at the Advanced Level of the YES! Programme may now join the Guild of GCCF Judges & Stewards at Junior Level. You can attend Guild meetings and seminars etc but you do not have a vote at the AGM until you are 16 and can join as a full member.

You can steward for GCCF judges and work towards becoming a GCCF Steward as long as you are aged between 13 and 16 and are at the Advanced Level of the YES! Programme. You can steward rather than second steward as the GCCF insurers have recognised your qualifications. Everyone involved in the YES! programme is proud of your achievements and congratulates you on your progress to this excellent level.

Those candidates wishing to join the GCCF Stewarding Scheme may do so at the special rate of £25 which includes the latest edition of the GCCF Standard of Points, all the necessary forms and paperwork plus the first year’s junior membership of the Guild.

Please follow the link below for the special Application Form (please use this unique form rather than the Application Form for adults wishing to join the Stewarding Scheme). The GCCF Notes for Stewards and the Rules of Procedure for the Stewarding Scheme are there for you to see too, although you will receive them from the Secretary of the Guild when you apply.

Special Application Form for Advanced Level YES! Candidates
The GCCF Notes for Stewards
The Stewarding Scheme Rules of Procedure
GCCF Stewarding Scheme - Forms for Advanced Level
Guide to Judging Household Pets

Code of Conduct for Judges in the Household Pet Section


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