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Details to forward to Show Managers with the Show Entry Form for Candidates booking a YES! Presentation

Details for YES! Presentation form

Advanced Level candidates should have gained a great deal of experience in presentation and be prepared to answer searching questions about their cat, cats in general, breeds found at GCCF; GCCF procedures at shows etc. as well as presenting their cat with poise and confidence. This level  is formal and the candidate will be expected to converse with the judge confidently. During the presentation the candidate should first present their cat to the judge, discussing its shape, size, coat quality, colour and pattern, temperament, daily care etc. They should know their cat's best features as well as being able to suggest which areas could be better, whether the cat is Pedigree or a Household Pet. Advanced level candidates will be competing against their peers once again at Presentations, with the Judge awarding First, Second and Third places as at Intermediate Level although every candidate will receive a critique on their performance. The candidate has two copies; one for their records and the second for their administrator and the judge retains a copy. If a candidate’s presentation is exceptional, the judge may make a Special Merit Award which will be indicated on the critique and claimed from the administrators. The candidate should participate in at least SIX presentations at Advanced Level from at least FOUR different judges (it can be useful to have two presentations, well separated, from the same judge to ascertain whether progress with confidence and knowledge at Advanced Level has been achieved).


  1. How many presentations have you given at Advanced Level?
  2. Why do you think vetting-in at cat shows is so important?
  3. Which two diseases MUST a cat be vaccinated against in order to be exhibited at shows?
  4. What information for judges is found as the Preface to the GCCF Standard of Points for all breeds?
  5. Name FOUR sections at a cat show where you could find TABBY patterned cats?
  6. Name a group of cats that may have a marbled coat pattern rather than classic tabby?
  7. What are the different levels for an Olympian title in GCCF and how is that title achieved?
  8. Can you name TWO different pattern groups in the Persian Section?
  9. Can you name TWO different groups of cats in the British Section?
  10. Can you name at least TWO different breeds of cats that have both short-hair and long-hair coats?
  11. What is meant by a “tipped” cat? Can you name a breed of  cat that has a tipped pattern?
  12. What is the important GCCF rule about stewards, the cat they are showing and the judge they will be working for?
  13. What is the name of the group that organises and monitors the GCCF Stewarding Scheme?
  14. When can a YES! Candidate join that group?
  15. What qualifications must a YES! candidate have in order to steward rather than second steward for a GCCF Judge?
  16. What must a cat or kitten have won in order for it to be considered for Best of Breed?
  17. What does Best of Variety mean?
  18. What would you have to do if you were asked to “Check Slips” when you were working on the table at a show?
  19. What is the MINIMUM number of Table Work Certificates you would need to collect at the Advanced Level of the YES! Programme?
  20. What are the different levels of award that can be given for Certificates of Achievement at the end of the Advanced Level of the YES! Programme?


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