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Here are the Tablework and Second Stewarding Certificates for those candidates who have not yet joined the Guild of GCCF Judges & Stewards as a Junior Member. REMEMBER EITHER SET OF CERTIFICATES CAN BE USED BY CANDIDATES WORKING THROUGH THE ADVANCED LEVEL PROGRAMME OF YES! or you can use a mixture of both.

If you attend a Seminar or a special demonstration organised for the YES! Programme, make sure you take along one of the YES! Certificates for the organiser to sign and keep the evidence carefully in your folder as it will help you achieve a higher level in your final certificate. We are planning to organise some special demonstrations and teaching for the YES! candidates so keep your eyes and ears open for news of those and be sure you take along a certificate to keep as evidence.

Tablework Certificate
Second Stewarding Certificate
Seminar Attendance Certificate
Demonstrations about Presenting your Cat


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