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This is a very important aspect of your work at the Advanced Level of the programme as it is through communicating with exhibitors and breeders across the different sections (including the Household Pet Section) that you will learn about the breeds, their special needs and about how their owners care for them and prepare them for a show. There is a special form for you to complete each time you work with a Mentor and, depending on the amount of work you put into this part of the Advanced Level Programme, your efforts could be rewarded with a high level of recognition when you complete the course. Why not aim for a distinction? Here is some advice:

  • Make sure you find out the GCCF breed number, colour, pattern etc. of the cat owned by the Mentor.
  • What is the cat's date of birth? Is this a breed that ages well and can be shown for a number of years?
  • In which section of the show does it belong?
  • Are there any special tips for preparing and presenting this breed for showing?
  • Find out about the daily care and attention this cat needs.
  • What is the cat's favourite food?
  • What can you find out about the cat's show career?
    Does the Mentor have other cats? Are they the same breed? Do they get on well together?


>What is the best way to handle this breed when you are stewarding? Ask the Mentor to demonstrate for you. Ask if you can show the Mentor you have understood the advice and handle the cat as you have been taught.

Working with a YES! Mentor


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