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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy’s Young Exhibitors’ Scheme



All parents want to keep their children safe and as “risk free” as possible. The advantage of the YES! Programme is that it is a family activity where the candidate travels to and from shows with their parent(s)/guardian/or a responsible adult chosen by the parents.

Many of the programme’s Mentors/Advisors/Judges are teachers or people who work in situations involving CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checking and although "portability" is no longer recognised, it offers reassurance to parents/guardians. The young people will be working with a variety of mentors/advisers on different occasions in an environment that is public; a cat show is not "regulated", that means there is no requirement for the adults to be screened as a show hall is a public place where everyone is taking part in their hobby. The Administrators, the two people who will work with candidates via telephone and email “one to one” on a regular basis, have undergone enhanced CRB checking.

Parents should be aware they are responsible for their child’s conduct at shows and should always be present in the show venue if their child is involved with Second Stewarding, Table Work, Presentations etc.

The GCCF recommends parents are always aware of whom their child is working with at a show and/or contacting via the telephone or internet. The work of the Yes! Programme is totally transparent.

Health and Safety for each candidate is of paramount importance; each participant will receive an Information Sheet giving guidance for responsible and sensible behaviour at shows. At each level the candidates will be working with their own cats for Presentations, although at Advanced Level the handling of an alternate breed is required. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the cat handled by the candidate is appropriate for the age and ability of the young exhibitor making the presentation. 

In common with other Cat Registration Bodies with a programme for young exhibitors, the GCCF has introduced a Parental/Medical Consent Form for parents/guardians to complete and sign before their child may participate in the scheme. This is for the benefit of the candidate, their parents/guardian and the YES! Programme.

The GCCF is not able to insure young people under the age of 16 at shows, but parents/guardians may check if their personal and/or household insurance policies cover their child's activities at shows. It is for parents/guardians to consider and believe that the benefits to their child resulting from his or her participation in the Programme far outweigh any risk of illness or injury that could perhaps be involved.

Here are some very important points all Young Exhibitors should know – they are for your health and safety and for the welfare and safety of all the cats at a show.

  1. Exhibitors should always walk around the show - never run in the Show Hall under any circumstances.
  2. Exhibitors should be gentle with their cats and speak softly to avoid startling any cats. They should be calm and quiet with all cats to avoid frightening them.
  3. Exhibitors must make sure any mobile device (phone etc) they are carrying is switched to “vibrate” or “silent”.
  4. Exhibitors should make sure the pen is safe and secure and the door is properly shut before leaving their cat.
  5. Exhibitors must not put their fingers in any cat’s pen for any reason, or open the pen door without the permission of the cat’s owner.  This is for your safety and to ensure the health and welfare of all the exhibits.
  6. If the cat’s litter or water is spilt or a cat has made a mess of its pen, the Show Manager should be informed as soon as possible so the cat can be made comfortable. You should only take care of your own cat.
  7. Exhibitors must not touch any cat whether in a pen or on a trolley outside of a pen unless given permission to do so by a judge or the cat’s owner.
  8. Exhibitors must not touch any cat unless their hands have been properly disinfected with an antibacterial gel or liquid first.
  9. Any gel or liquid used for disinfecting a cat’s pen or handler’s hands must be one that is suitable and safe for use near cats.
  10. Exhibitors must either wash their hands using soap and water or use an antibacterial gel or liquid to disinfect them before eating if they have touched or handled any cat (including their own!).
  11. Exhibitors should take care to use the black bins positioned at the ends of the aisles responsibly and make sure any used or discarded cat litter, food or water is disposed of carefully. It is important any health or safety hazards, caused by unnecessary spillage or by blocking the aisles, are avoided.
  12. Anyone who has been bitten or badly scratched by a cat should wash the wound thoroughly, ensure tetanus protection is up to date and seek medical attention for treatment with antibiotics if necessary.

Take Care!

Be Safe! Not Sorry!
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