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Details to forward to Show Managers with the Show Entry Form for Candidates booking a YES! Presentation

Details for YES! Presentation form

At Intermediate Level candidates will have gained experience in presenting their cat and can answer more searching questions about it and its breed etc as well as presenting their cat with more poise and confidence. This level will be more formal and the candidate will be expected to discuss their cat and its attributes without the need for as much prompting from the judge. During the presentation the candidate should outline their cat's shape, size, coat quality, colour and pattern. They should know their cat's best features as well as being able to suggest which areas could be better or closer to the Standard for their breed. Intermediate candidates will be competing against their peers at Presentations with the Judge awarding First, Second and Third places although every candidate will receive a critique on their performance. If a candidate’s presentation is exceptional, the judge may make a Special Merit Award which will be indicated on the critique and claimed from the administrators. The candidate should participate in at least FOUR presentations at Intermediate Level, gaining critiques from at least four different judges.


  1. How many presentations have you given at Intermediate Level?
  2. What did the vet check when your cat was vetted in this morning?
  3. Can you name a disease that a cat MUST be vaccinated against if they are shown?
  4. At what age does a cat become an adult in GCCF?
  5. How does a cat achieve titles in GCCF?
  6. At which GCCF Show can a Grand Champion or Grand Premier win a UK title?
  7. How many different Tabby Patterns can you name?
  8. Can you name TWO breeds that can have a Tortoiseshell pattern?
  9. Why do you think every pen should have just white blankets and show equipment at a GCCF show?
  10. Which GCCF show allows exhibitors to drape and decorate their show pen?
  11. Can you name a breed of spotted cat that has GCCF recognition?
  12. What is important to remember about the pattern on a mackerel tabby?
  13. Why would a breeder not allow their cat out, free to roam in the neighbourhood?
  14. What is your favourite breed of pedigree cat?
  15. In which Section at a GCCF show does that belong?
  16. Which Section at a GCCF Show has the largest number of cat breeds?
  17. What are the two sections in Household Pets?
  18. What does a judge look for when they are judging Household Pets?
  19. Which Breed Class is your cat entered in at a GCCF Show?
  20. What do you like best about showing your cat?
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    Judge's Assessment at Intermediate or Advanced Level


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