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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy’s Young Exhibitors’ Scheme


At Novice Level, the candidates will not compete against their peers. They will be given a report from the judge identifying their strengths and outlining the areas where progress could be made (this is similar to the Preliminary Status of a new breed). Each candidate at Novice Level will receive a rosette in recognition of their participation.

It should be remembered by the judge, the young exhibitor and their parents/guardians, it is the CANDIDATE that is being judged rather than the cat. The focus of the Presentation is upon the manner in which the candidate presents their cat to the audience and their attitude to and knowledge of the cat they are presenting. Candidates will need to be aware of the type of questions they will be asked, giving them the opportunity to present their cat and speak about it with poise and confidence. Each presentation should be with a different judge if at all possible.


  1. Is this your first presentation? (If not, ask how many presentations the candidate has done)
  2. What is your cat’s breed? (Or ask whether a non-pedigree or pedigree pet)
  3. How old is your cat?
  4. Is your cat male or female?
  5. Has your cat been neutered/spayed?
  6. How would you describe your cat’s head shape?
  7. How would you describe your cat’s body shape?
  8. What can you tell me about your cat’s coat?
  9. Would you describe your cat as “self” or “non-self”? Why would you describe it so?
  10. What is your daily routine in caring for your cat?
  11. How often do your feed your cat?
  12. What is your cat’s favourite food?
  13. What do you give your cat to drink?
  14. How do you prepare your cat for a show?
  15. How do you set up your cat’s pen at a cat show?
  16. Why do you think the stewards spray the trolley between each cat?
  17. Why is it necessary to clip a cat’s claws before a show?
  18. Why do you think the Health & Safety Information Sheet says you must not put your fingers in any cat’s pen or open the cage door without the permission of the cat’s owner?
  19. Why is it important to wash your hands using soap and water or an antibacterial gel or spray before eating, if you have touched or handled any cat including your own?
  20. What do you like best about cat shows?


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