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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy’s Young Exhibitors’ Scheme



The YES! Programme is open to any young person from the age of 8 - 16+ in the UK who shows, or whose parents show with the GCCF; however, all candidates must agree to meet the following requirements:

  1. By applying to and participating in the YES! Programme, candidates and their parents/guardians agree to be bound by and submit to the GCCF's Rules.
  2. Candidates must follow the recommendations on the YES! Health & Safety Information Sheet.
  3. Candidates must have their parent/guardian's permission to participate in the YES! Programme and the latter must be responsible for the conduct of the candidate throughout the programme.
  4. Parents/Guardians must have signed the Consent and Medical Consent Form before a candidate may join the scheme.
  5. Candidates must maintain Junior Membership of a GCCF affiliated club throughout their participation in the scheme.
  6. At Novice Level candidates may exhibit a cat registered in their own or their parent's/guardian's name. The cat may be pedigree or a household pet (either a non or pedigree pet). If the cat is registered in the parent/guardian’s name (which may be different from the candidate’s name) they are responsible for making that clear to show managers to avoid any confusion.
  7. A candidate may present different cats at different presentations; it is the candidate being assessed rather than the cat.
  8. The parent/guardian must make it clear to show managers the name of the candidate, the Level they are entering for the Presentation and which cat will be presented.
  9. Candidates must keep evidence of their work throughout the Scheme and ensure each completed task is checked by an judge/advisor/mentor or the relevant person cited on the form.
  10. Candidates must complete the requirements for each level before application to the next.
  11. At all YES! Presentations, candidates must realise it is they who are being judged rather than the cat they are handling.
  12. It is the Parent's/Guardian's responsibility to ensure the cat handled by the Young Exhibitor for YES! Presentations is appropriate for the age and ability of the young person concerned.
  13. Candidates should not approach a judge to discuss either their Yes! Coursework or any aspects of presenting, caring for or showing their cat until the judge has finished judging for the day.
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