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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy’s Young Exhibitors’ Scheme


The Young Exhibitors Scheme (YES!) as part of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF)
are committed to safe practices when working with young people within the cat fancy.

YES! has a dedicated Safeguarding Officer and robust safeguarding practices designed to keep the Candidates working through all levels of our programme and sister group YES! Kitten Club, safe and secure.

Candidates working through YES! should only have contact with our Mentors and Regional
Mentors at our public cat shows.

Candidates working through YES! should only have contact with a Show Manager via their
parent and/or guarding if querying a show entry.

Candidates who attend seminars and cat club events should only do so with their parents
and/or guardians.

Candidates will only be contacted outside of a show environment by a YES! Administrator.
ALL YES! Administrators are Enhanced DBS Checked.

Further Reading :-

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e-Safety Policy
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