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This aspect of the scheme will help you learn that the GCCF considers the health and welfare of all cats of the highest importance.

At Vetting-In, cats are health checked. If you are able to work with the Duty Vet during the morning or afternoon at a show, try using your time to find out very important information that will help you later in the GCCF Stewarding and Judging schemes. To help you with your work, here are some ideas for questions you could ask or lines of enquiry to follow ….

  • What would the Vet be looking out for when they examine the cat’s head? The ears? The eyes? The nose? The mouth and throat? The skin? The body? The legs? The fur?
  • Can you find out why GCCF has different levels of reasons for rejection, some less serious than others?
  • Which is the most serious section on the form when a cat is vetted out of a show?
  • What does a vet check on a cat’s vaccination certificate?
  • What is an ocular discharge?
  • Why could dirty, waxy ears on a cat indicate a possible problem?
  • What is the normal body temperature of a healthy cat?
  • What must be completed on every occasion a cat is rejected by the Duty Vet?

These questions can be asked if things are quiet and the vet is not busy dashing around the show hall visiting and examining cats. There will also be information you can find out about why judges may call for the Duty Vet and write about those on your notification sheet.

“Working with the Duty Vet” notification sheet.


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