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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy’s Young Exhibitors’ Scheme




  • To develop YES!  A structured programme for the growth and development of junior (8 – 16+) exhibitors within the GCCF. 
  • To encourage young people to continue to enjoy their hobby as adults and so become the club members, stewards, judges and show managers of the future.


  • To develop a Young Exhibitors’ Scheme within the GCCF to attract, inspire and engage young people through the enjoyment of owning and exhibiting cats.
  • To encourage young people to take responsibility for the health, welfare and wellbeing of their cats and also to gain knowledge of pedigree cats and the Standard of Points used for each breed within the GCCF.
  • To encourage self esteem, self-confidence, initiative, responsibility and a healthy competitive spirit within the participants.
  • To enable young exhibitors to learn the skills involved in stewarding and the handling of cats and to develop an awareness of “best practice” in cat ownership and exhibition.
  • To give candidates a working knowledge of GCCF show rules and for them to be aware of and comfortable with GCCF show etiquette.
  • To enable young people to gain experience of the administrative skills involved in the organisation of a show by assisting with various tasks at shows.
  • To build a team of Judges; Breeders; BAC Representatives; Show Managers etc willing to act as Mentors/Advisors in the YES! Programme working with candidates and their parents/guardians.
  • To encourage a growth in the numbers of junior members of the GCCF’s affiliated clubs and thereby ensuring a viable future for the GCCF, its affiliated clubs and shows.
  • To motivate and reward Young Exhibitors as they gain knowledge of cats and the cat world.
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