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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy - Young Exhibitors' Scheme



Mentors are there to offer advice, give of their experience in GCCF and support our YES! Candidates at cat shows across the UK. We have now initiated Regional Mentors to ensure our candidates are supported wherever they live in the UK and do not feel isolated. Regional Mentors will liaise with local show managers to put on presentations; they will meet YES! candidates at shows, introduce them to other mentors and breeders of particular interest to the candidate; they will make sure candidates understand the work they are doing at each level and check through candidates' work folders, helping them with any problems they may have. This new idea will ensure there is someone at shows the YES! candidates can meet and chat to about the programme and their progress. We will be putting up photographs of our officials and regional mentors on the YES! website so they can be recognised by parents and candidates.

JANE ALLEN - ESSEX (Persian; SLH; Shows & Showing etc; Presenting cats etc)
VAL ANDERSON-DREW - HAMPSHIRE (Showing; Judging; Stewarding; Russians; Somalis etc)
LYNDA ASHMORE - YORKSHIRE (Devon, Cornish Rex, Foreign, Show Manager etc)
SUE BOSWELL - NOTTS. ( Exhibiting Cornish Rex; Experience with BAC's & Seminars)
DI BROWN - SUFFOLK - (Showing; Judging; Orientals; Siamese; British etc)
DAPHNE BUTTERS - YORKSHIRE (SLH; Maine Coons; Show Manager; Shows & Showing etc)
MARIA CHAPMAN - SUFFOLK (Burmese; Foreign; Showing & Show Management etc)
MICHELE CODD - LINCS. (Burmese; Egyptian Maus; Foreign Section; Showing)
PETER COLLIN - CHESHIRE (Burmese; Show Manager etc)
STEVE CROW - ESSEX ( Burmese, Asians, Foreign; SLH etc, Show Manager etc)
LOUISE DAVIE - SCOTLAND (Owner, Breeder, Exhibitor of Maine Coons)
HILARY DEAN - KENT (Owner, Breeder, Exhibitor of Sphynx & Devon Rex etc)
SHERYL EDWARDS - MERSEYSIDE (Foreign Section, Owner and Breeder)
SEAN FARRELL - NOTTS. (Asians; Burmese; Egyptian Maus; Showing & Show Management)
ROSEMARY FISHER - WILTSHIRE (Persian Section, Judge, Exhibitor etc.)
DANIEL GOODRICKE - TYNESIDE (British Shorthairs; Stewarding; Exhibitor)
LINDSEY GRANT - BUCKS. (SLH Section; Shows & Showing etc)
JOYCE GREEN - KENT (Burmese; Persian; SLH; Foreign; Shows & Showing etc)
JOHN HANSSON - HERTS. (Siamese/Orientals; Judge; Shows & Showing etc)
HELEN HARDWICK - MIDLANDS (Maine Coons; Stewarding; Shows & Showing etc)
ANNE-MARIE HEATH - SPAIN (Teaching experience, Judge, Burmese, shows & showing)
NAOMI JOHNSON - NOTTS. (Showing & Show Management; Judge; Asians; Ocicats)
TAMMY KINGSWELL - DERBYS. (Owning, Breeding and Showing British SH)
CATHERINE KAYE - LICHFIELD (Judging British & Foreign; Breeding & Showing Russians)
JEAN LAMB - DURHAM (Owning, showing, breeding Egyptian Maus; Judges' Guild etc)
ALISON LYALL - OXON (Judge; Somalis; Semi-Longhair Section)
VANESSA MARRIOTT - KENT (Burmese; Asians; Tablework etc.)
HELEN MARRIOTT-POWER - KENT (Judge; Show Manager; SLH; British; Foreign; Burmese etc)
EMMA MATTHEWS - MIDLANDS (Burmese, Stewarding etc)
TANIA MURRAY - BUCKS. (Showing and Breeding Maine Coons; Show Preparation & Grooming)
HEATHER MCRAE - SCOTLAND (Stewarding; Showing; Breeding Asians & Ocicats etc )
SUSAN NEWMAN - DEVON (British SH; Show Management etc)
PAT PERKINS - LANCS (Persians; Show Manager etc)
CAROLINE PROUT - SCOTLAND (British Shorthairs, Stewarding, Exhibiting, SCOTLAND)
SAFFI RABEY - WILTS (General Showing and Grooming Maine Coons)
NICKY RYAN - SUSSEX ( General Show and Grooming Selkirk Rex)
KEITH SCRUTON - KENT (Judging; Persians; Showing and Show Management)
LESLEY SZWED - MIDLANDS (Shows; Showing; Household Pet Administrator)
SIMON TWIGGE - SHEFFIELD (Teaching experience, Judge, Burmese, Asians, show management, shows & showing)
CAROL WALKER - LANCS (Shows; Showing; Selkirk Rex; Household Pets etc)
SARAH WALKER - MIDLANDS (Owning, breeding, grooming & showing Selkirks + shows etc)
CLIVE & HELEN WICKS - KENT (Owning, breeding, showing Egyptian Maus, Stewarding etc)
JANET WILSHAW - SHROPSHIRE (Showing; Breeding & Owning Burmese)
SANDRA WOODLEY - BERKS (Shows; Showing; Burmese; Asians)



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