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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy’s Young Exhibitors’ Scheme


Kitten Club

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So, now you’ve found us, who are we and what do we do?

YES! Kitten Club is aimed at children under the age of 8, as well as those young people who are older, occasionally go to cat shows, but who have not signed up to YES!

Cat Shows

Cat Shows are exciting places.  You should always be quite and respectful around the cats, but there are lots and lots of different breeds for you to look at.  The GCCF recognises 39 different breeds of cats, and at some of the larger cat shows (which have 200 to 300 plus cats) you can see many different breeds, and certainly all different shapes, sizes and colours.   At some of the breed shows, although there aren’t as many different cats, there may be the opportunity to stroke the cats if you ask their owners nicely.  NEVER EVER open a pen door or touch a cat without permission however.

YES! Kitten Club also has lots of different I-Spy Activity sheets for you to try at a show – you can win a rosette and other small prizes by matching the cats on the front of the Activity sheet to the ones you see at the show.  The sheets also have nursery rhymes for you to complete on the back, pictures to colour, spot the differences to find and other different games.  They’re FREE at any participating show, and you get to keep them afterwards.

Did you know you can also help out at cat shows too?  You can help put rosettes and prize cards on the cats pens which is a hugely important job – and, if you have also joined the YES! Kitten Club – our application form is here – each time you go to a show and help out you will also receive a GOLD STAR to go in in your members Reward Card.  Each time you collect 3 GOLD STARSs you win a prize for your own cat at home.

To find out how to visit a show click here (you may need to get a grown up to help you).  The link will take you to the main  GCCF website show page.  All our shows are there.  There are shows nearly every weekend, up and down the country.  Some are big – called ALL BREED shows, and some are BREED shows which showcase one or two different breeds only.  The shows are listed in date order.

If your parents and/or guardians are not entering a cat a show, then there will probably be a small entrance fee to get in.   If you’d like to learn how to show your cat, please click here for further details.

On our Website

On our website we have some games for you to download and play, some cat facts for you to learn, and pictures and information on various different breeds of cat.

Games (Click on the game you want to play)


      Join the dots

      Word Search

      Puzzle pictures


      Pictures for you to colour

The following will be coming later so please watch out for them.

      Games you can make to play with your cat

      Cat Facts


      Different Breeds

      Looking after your cat

      Big Cats