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Andrew Rainbow Ockwell
A a great ambassador for the YES! Programme who gave passionate support for the programme at the GCCF Council Meeting in June 2010


The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy’s Young Exhibitors’ Scheme


At Advanced Level candidates will continue learning more about the different breeds recognised by the GCCF,  finding out the priorities and features breeders are looking for in their cats. It is important they actually meet Mentors across the breeds and learn from them. There are special forms for candidates to complete as evidence of their research. The Presentations will be the place to share their knowledge with the judges – therefore it is very important for the candidates to work through the sample questions they will be asked. It is a very good idea to practise at home with parents/guardians so candidates can present their cat confidently, feeling sure of the answers to all of the questions. If a candidate should have a problem with any of the questions, they should ask their administrator, a Mentor at a show or visit the FACEBOOK page for YES! and ask there. It is important candidates have their worksheets checked as they progress.  At this level they should also be prepared to review and improve work in order to achieve a high grade! (This is one tip that will also help them with their school coursework!!) There is a list of YES! Mentors on the website in the main section and we have now set up Regional Mentors to ensure every candidate has support wherever they live in the UK. At shows, Mentors will be wearing circular white badges with "YES! Mentor" written on them. Many Mentors comment that candidates do not approach them for help; it would be good for our Advanced Candidates to make a point of meeting with a Mentor at every show they attend.


At Advanced Level candidates can work to achieve higher levels for their final certificate as there are three statuses:
PASS – this means the candidate has achieved a “Pass” at advanced level.
MERIT – this means the candidate has completed their work to a higher standard or included additional work with evidence they have reviewed and refined their work in order to achieve higher recognition at Advanced Level and  an award of a  “Pass with Merit”.
DISTINCTION – this means the work has been completed to the highest standard and achieved a “Pass with Distinction”.  What a wonderful way for a candidate to complete their YES! work!


Candidates need to gain as much information as possible by working with the YES! Mentors at shows. They will help them to find out about different breeds and give advice about their care and handling. Our Mentors have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are out there ready to share it with candidates to ensure a bright future for the GCCF.  A shy candidate could ask their parent/guardian to introduce them to a Mentor in the section they are investigating. The candidate could look up their Regional Mentor on the YES! website so they can recognise their face at a show. Candidates can also contact their Administrator …. She is the Candidate Advisor there to help and support YES! candidates every step of the way.

It is a very good idea to have work and evidence checked by a mentor or administrator  regularly – this helps everyone to recognise progress and gives encouragement  on the way. Any problems or misunderstandings can be sorted out early on and helps  for smooth progress and greater achievement.

Candidates should review their work and think of ways to improve it, to maintain a high standard and gain a higher award at the end of their YES! Programme. Discussing work with parents/guardians, a Mentor or your Administrator/Adviser is also a top tip!

Once you are a teenager, Advanced Level candidates can  join the Guild of GCCF Judges & Stewards at Junior Level – the annual subscription is only £1. They can then apply to join the official GCCF Stewarding Scheme for a special rate of £25 which includes the initial year’s membership of the Guild. Candidates will receive everything needed for the scheme including the latest edition of the GCCF Standard of Points. Candidates then work through the scheme, completing stewarding and table work certificates in order to become a GCCF Steward. Certificates are sent  to the Guild Secretary, but copies must also be kept for Advanced Level Evidence.  

It would be excellent for the Advanced Level candidates to volunteer to be a “buddy” and talk to Novice Candidates if seen at shows ….. to help and advice about their worksheets and how to present their cats ….. to ask if they have any questions or problems about the programme.


  1. Minimum of 6 Show Entries
  2. Minimum of 6 Presentations at Advanced Level
  3. Minimum of 10 Stewarding Engagements
  4. Minimum of 3 Tablework Certificates
  5. Minimum of 8 Certificates “Working with a Mentor”
  6. Minimum of 1 session working with the Duty Vet

Additional Recognition will be given for attendance at a GCCF Seminar with the relevant form signed by the organiser.


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